How to travel on an affordable budget

Travelling is always fun and exciting. There are millions of articles out there on how to save money while travelling, but they don’t necessarily apply to everyone. For example, what happens when you want to go somewhere new? How does it get cheaper, cheaper and cheaper? Let’s see below how to travel on an affordable budget.

Know your options

Before diving into the next steps, first, make sure that you know your options. Are all tours cheap? What about things like food or accommodation costs?

Use a comparison tool

There is nothing better than having too much information at hand. Go to websites such as Skyscanner, Momondo, Hopper or Hipmunk. They allow you to compare flights, hotels, car rentals and more for free. It will help you save both time and money!

Book in advance

There may come a point when you need to book in advance if you want to stay somewhere specific. This can be helpful, especially if we consider that you never know whether prices change or not. You can also do this with train tickets; for instance, if you know you want to go from Paris to Barcelona by train, then you should buy tickets in advance (more tips here).

Look for deals

We have to admit that sometimes, we just miss the opportunity to find a good deal because we didn’t look hard enough. However, even if you pay full price for something, there are certain ways to get discounts. If you’re staying near a metro station, ask for a ticket discount. Another option is to walk rather than take the metro. Also, try asking your hotel or hostel to give you a special rate for online booking. If you’re going for a longer trip, remember to check if an airline has a loyalty scheme. Finally, think about buying some services you often use at home before leaving so you can benefit from a cash-back site such as TopCashBack or Quidco and Casino en ligne.

Be flexible

One thing that many travellers forget is being flexible when travelling. To be able to enjoy our holidays without any stress, try adapting to different situations. Even though this comes naturally to some people, we recommend taking advantage of this.

Have a flexible mindset

Another way to avoid stressing ourselves out is trying to keep our minds open instead of getting stuck in the past. Once we regret something, we tend to focus on it rather than looking forward to future events. For example, let’s say you’re planning to visit Prague. Instead of thinking “Oh no I’m running late”, try thinking “I’ll arrive early so I can explore the city”. By doing this, you increase the likelihood of having a positive experience.

Find inspiration

Inspiration is one of the most important aspects of travel. It helps us plan trips, set goals and achieve them. To inspire yourself, you can read blogs and books written by travellers who did similar travels. Or even watch videos created by other travellers who’ve done this kind of journey before.

Travel light

When trying to lower the cost of our holiday, it’s possible to save a lot of money by packing light. We should try to bring only the absolute necessities for a trip. Some travellers choose to wear their winter jackets all year round because they simply don’t want to leave the house without them. On the other hand, others carry binoculars and a small umbrella in case they feel like spending a rainy day sightseeing. Whatever you decide, make sure you enjoy your holiday without unnecessary expenses.

Know the budget

It is very easy to spend more than what we planned to budget. Before we reach our destination, we start missing things and adding more expensive options. Therefore, you should always know how much you can afford. Start with researching well about prices, transportations, accommodation costs etc.

In conclusion, travelling can be fun and exciting but it also requires effort and dedication. The above tips will surely help you improve your overall experience.